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About us

Manufacturer of all kinds of household, industrial and agricultural fans and electric motors

Panahi Industrial Production Unit, the first producer of household fans in Iran with Pars National, Top National, Saba and Kolak brands, has been active as a leader in the production of household, industrial and agricultural fans and electric motors since 1354 with private investment and with Mr. Mohammadreza Panahi’s great effort has started as a real person in Tehran-Pars region.

Flamingo production group under the management of Mr. Aref Panahi has been able to be successful in producing all kinds of domestic, industrial and agricultural fans and electromotors with the utmost ability by using records and human resources with experience and expertise.

In its design and development in 1376, Flamingo production group has been able to provide a large and suitable space in Nasirabad industrial town of Tehran, and with unceasing efforts, it has increased its production to more than one million units of household and industrial fans (ceiling fans). , standing, misting and aerator) and by developing manufacturing and production lines and purchasing new and up-to-date machinery, open and put it into operation so that it can respond to the needs of customers by increasing its share in domestic markets as well as being present in global markets and exporting to more from 6 countries including Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Tajikistan, Iraq, Pakistan and West Africa.