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One of the nostalgic devices used to cool the house is a standing fan. Two important features that can be light and portable and low cost are examples, which have made the standing fan become a popular device. It has been a long time since the production of fans, meanwhile, the standing fan is still one of the popular cooling devices and with the passage of time, it is even produced with new and unique models and features. When buying a fan, you should pay attention to a feature that is easy to move. Meanwhile, one of the advantages of the standing fan is its easy portability. You can move the standing fan from one room to another and connect it to different sockets in the house. In hot seasons, you can cool any environment and place at a low cost. Due to the long support base that the standing fan has, it can easily be used in large environments and places It makes the atmosphere of the house and stores cooler than table fans. Although different models and brands of cooling devices have been produced in recent years, buying a fan is still very useful in industrial environments due to its cheapness for air circulation and lowering the ambient temperature. You should be very careful and patient in buying electrical appliances and research among the brands active in this industry. It is very important that you get good quality for the money you pay. If you make the wrong purchase, you will waste your money because the useful life of the device will be very short. Questions like what fan to buy? What is its size and brand? Be a special power and color? There is something that you should pay attention to before buying, in this case, we tried to provide you with a proper guide here.

Types of fans

When buying, you should pay attention to what fan model you are looking for, because different models of fans are produced, such as standing, table, ceiling, floor, etc.

Industrial fans

If you need a fan in a workshop environment and want to use it, you should choose industrial fans. These fans are very resistant and clean and cool the air well in a large and open space. The important point of these fans is easy installation and very economical in terms of energy consumption. They can cool 300 square meters of space and usually consume 250 to 260 watts of electricity.

Office and home fan

If you need a fan for small offices, living room, bedroom, etc., simple fans will help you and cool your environment. Household fans are available in different designs and colors that attract the attention of buyers and are stylish for home decoration.

Features of standing fan

  1. Since the standing fan is taller than the desktop models, it distributes the air around at a higher height, as a result, the space is ventilated faster.

  2. Standing fans are more modern than desktop models.

  3. If you have a small child at home, standing fans are much safer than other models.

  4. Standing fans, with the ability to rotate, are much more suitable for high-traffic environments such as shops.

  5. Standing models are more beautiful and more affordable than ceiling fans.

Additional features

Remote Control: Some of the best standing fans have remote control capabilities.

Oscillator: helps to move the air in the environment.

Timer: It helps you in energy consumption and cost reduction.

Mist sprayer: Some standing fans have the ability to simulate fog and evaporate water droplets and create a cool feeling in the air.

Fan speed: You can increase and decrease the fan speed by pressing the button.

Height adjustment: You can adjust the height of the standing fan according to your needs.

Buy a fan

To buy a standing fan, it is better to have technical specifications such as:

  • Sound power and volume

  • Number of speed settings

  • Blade type

  • construction materials

  • Dimensions and weight

  • Price

He paid attention to it for the right choice. The best standing fan model depends on the needs and tastes of the user. In the existing market, there are different models of standing fans with different features and facilities such as adjustable speed, rotation capability, remote control capability, less noise and beautiful design. Since the best standing fan model is different depending on the needs and tastes of the user, it is better to compare different models before buying and choose the best option.

easy to carry

One of the biggest and most important advantages of the best standing fan is its portability. It can be easily moved and used in different rooms of the house or outside the house. For example, when your room needs ventilation, you can move the fan from the living room to your room and use its coolness. To make this movement easy, try to choose light fans.

Temperature setting

Most standing fans these days have low, medium, high settings that change the fan speed. With this, you can have more control over the fan speed, and when buying a fan, you can compare the fan speed according to your needs.

wire length

Be sure to pay attention to the length of the cord before buying your fan because it makes it easier to transport and you don’t have to worry about the power outlet anymore. The problem of the plug of the electrical outlet can be solved with a tee, but the length of the fan wire is considered one of its strengths.

Rotating capability

The rotary knob is a unique feature of the fan and has been very useful. When you press this button, the fan moves back and forth, right and left, and distributes the cool air evenly in the corners of your room. This feature gives coolness to everyone and guarantees everyone’s comfort when there is a group or group in the environment or place.


Standing fans come in different sizes and it can be difficult to choose between them due to their wide variety. Before you buy the fan you need, you should consider where you want to put this fan and choose the right fan according to its size and smallness.


Having a quiet fan is very important. It may disturb your peace with the sound it creates and disturb your sleep even while sleeping. Make sure that the fan is not too loud and try the fan speed when buying because the more we increase the fan speed, the louder it may be.

Remote control capability

Some standing fans have a remote control and the ability to turn the fan off, on, adjust the temperature, etc. from a distance. Similarly, models with remote control are more expensive than simple standing fans in the market.

Easy cleaning

When you buy a fan, it’s a good idea to think about cleaning it. You certainly don’t want your fan blowing dusty air around. Therefore, buy a fan whose parts are easy to open and clean.

The type of fan blades

It is also necessary for the material of the fan blade to be good and there should be no problem. We suggest you to use a metal blade when buying a standing fan because it is resistant and does not bend. But if you use a plastic blade, make sure it is of good quality.

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