The after-sales service unit of Ariak Nam Avaran Sanat and Tejarat Company was established with the aim of providing optimal services to satisfy the needs of our dear customers in the shortest possible time, which undertakes all services and replacement of parts and goods based on the terms of the warranty. .

It should be noted that all products include an 18-month replacement warranty.

Terms and conditions of after-sales service:

The warranty only covers the operation of the device. All consequences and damages caused by negligence, improper use of the product and breakage are the responsibility of the buyer. Physical damage, damage caused by transportation, placing the device in an inappropriate place, opening, repairing and manipulating the device are not included in the warranty. Damages caused by power fluctuations or improper use are not included in the warranty. The defective device must be sent to the service center along with the warranty card and purchase invoice at the expense of the consumer. This warranty is valid only when it is dated, signed and sealed by the store.

Ariak Sanat and Tejarat Nam Avaran Company has always made efforts to find ways to reduce maintenance costs and increase product efficiency.

Now, by implementing regular and effective plans to control and monitor the quality of raw materials, parts, devices and work methods, it intends to reduce direct and indirect costs in the field of maintenance and repairs and the consumption of spare parts. Increasing economic efficiency in the field of safety and increasing the lifespan of products.


Ariak Nam Avaran Sanat and Tejarat company has prepared an alternative warehouse to serve the respected customers who want to benefit from repairs as soon as possible and in an emergency manner, which provides high-quality and high-quality parts to the colleagues and customers.