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What is an exhaust fan?


What is a fan?

It is a sucker or blower that moves air for us with the help of rotating a propeller. In small environments where there is little space, we need air transfer and ventilation, and we can use fans and exhaust fans. These types of products are produced in different types and with many applications in two types of domestic and industrial exhaust fans. Fans are composed of a number of blades that are connected to the hub, and these blades are connected to an electric motor by a shaft, and the result of this product can move the fluid, which is air or gas here. So-called exhaust fan is the main factor of air purifier. Different types of oil, dry, wet and cyclone fans are produced for different conditions and different engines.

How the exhaust fan works

The most important and main part of any exhaust fan is its electronic motor. Of course, we should also say that there are different types of exhaust fans, according to them, each one has a different function. This method is the same in all exhaust fans, it will be like this when the electric current reaches the motor and enters the electric motors. After that, they enter the coils and create a magnetic field and start the motor. exhaust fans are similar in appearance to fans and consist of a blade that moves the air with its rotation. This product is produced in different types for domestic and industrial applications.

Applications of all types of fans

  • Control of air conditions and thermal comfort of people

  • Fire air supply

  • Ventilation

  • smoke extraction

  • Car and machinery cooling systems

  • dry

  • Dust removal

Types of fans and exhaust fans

Household fan: compared to industrial fans, these examples have less power and are cheaper in terms of price. The main function of this tool is to transfer gas and air so that a person receives clean oxygen when breathing and avoids inhaling dangerous gases. Without a suitable exhaust fan, there is a possibility of choking people, feeling tired, releasing bad odors in the environment and stuffy air. Household exhaust fans are produced and distributed in different types and shapes, so you have different choices when buying. It is necessary to use a home exhaust fan in office, residential and commercial places because in any environment, air movement and flow is an important principle that must be taken into account. In general, the main purpose of using a home exhaust fan is to create the necessary quality for indoor air.

Fans are generally divided into two categories, axial fan and centrifugal fan, which is related to the way gas passes through the fan.

Blower and suction fan

Blower: It has a mechanical mechanism that moves the air to another place. This device focuses on one point of a place and is used in environments where there is more pollution. These devices transmit more air flow than other exhaust fans. At the same time, it does the cooling job. That is why it is used in various industries.

Blower exhaust fans have different vanes or blades, and it is the motor that moves them and can transfer the gas at a moderate pressure and creates the flow of air in the fluid.

The most important parts of a blower are the inlet, outlet, fan, and outer cover, and one of them is a centrifugal blower and the other is a centrifugal blower.

Suction: sometimes they are also called industrial exhaust fans and they are stronger than blower fans and they are designed and produced for industrial environments. These fans have higher capacity and produce less energy. The main function of the device and the most important part of the suction fan is the electric guide blades of the motor. The way to place this type of fan is important and it should be placed in a way to ventilate the air in the best possible way with high quality.

What points should we pay attention to when buying a fan?

  • In order for the air to be transferred to all parts of your place well, you should buy a fan or exhaust fan that is the right size for your environment.

  • The fan blade or vanes are made of different materials such as plastic, metal, etc. and have a great impact on the life of the device.

  • The ventilation power of your fan or exhaust fan should be such that it cleans your entire environment and reduces the possibility of harming the people who are in this environment.

  • When buying on Friday, be sure to read the energy required to start the device and the energy it generates.

Axial fan

The axial or axial fan has a simple structure and relatively high efficiency, as well as simpler maintenance conditions. Axial fan has a structure in which the airflow moves parallel and like a propeller.

Axial exhaust fans are placed in the following groups based on the type of structure and function:

Propeller axial fan

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It consists of a propeller, several blades, an electric motor and a frame, with a direct coupler, belt, shaft, bearing, pulley and venturi chamber, and it was one of the simplest types of fans. When the environment needs to ventilate the air more, several axial fans can be installed on the wall. Propeller axial fan is used for moving and discharging hot and polluted gases, corrosive gases in factories, welding workshops, furnaces or laboratories. Propeller fans are more suitable for small systems that do not have ducting or have few ducts. This fan is designed in such a way that the engine is placed in a place that opposes the rotation of the blade and causes it to cool.


Axial pipe fan or tube

This type of fan is similar to a propeller fan, but it has a different appearance structure that instead of a frame, an electric motor and a propeller are made and placed inside a chamber in the shape of a cylinder. In the same way, even the operation of these fans is more than the propeller fan and has a higher speed. We can say that the use of this type of fan is 65% more and it can be used in industrial and commercial buildings and has many uses. The cylindrical nature of this product increases the use and efficiency of the exhaust fan, and it is designed to be far from the tips of the blades so that there is no danger.

Axial vane fan

This type of fan is somewhat similar to tubular exhaust fans, but with the difference that there are more propellers. This exhaust fan improves static pressure and direct airflow capabilities. The blades of this fan are designed and made in such a way that it increases its use, as well as the ability to produce air flow with high pressure. The use of static blades in this product creates more air pressure at the fan inlet. Due to the fact that these axial vane exhaust fans produce very high air pressure, it is the most widely used and effective system in commercial and industrial environments. These types of exhaust fans can be used to provide air conditioning in large commercial buildings and tunnels.

Axial ceiling fan

It is used for environments that do not need a lot of air pressure and only need ventilation. As the name suggests, this type of exhaust fan is installed on the ceiling. Due to its application and features, this product is suitable for environments or spaces that have specific limitations or need to be installed outside the building to reduce the generated sound. In this product, the motor and propellers are made of steel or aluminum, and it has more power than axial wall exhaust fans. It is also applicable in various industries and buildings and installation on roofs and you can control its speed.

Centrifugal fan

This type of centrifugal fan moves the gas flow in it by centrifugal force. This product moves the air perpendicular to the inlet of the exhaust fan and pushes the air outward using centrifugal force. This fan is a type of air conditioning system that has many uses and is produced in different types and functions. In general, these fans release air with more pressure, but the volume of output air is less compared to axial fans. The blades of this fan are of different types, such as airfoil blade, forward curved blade, backward curved blade, backward inclined blade, straight radial blade, wheel is made with paddle blades.

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