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Are you tired of being forced to stay indoors on hot summer days? The need to stay near the air conditioner during the summer makes you feel like a prisoner in your house, while all the windows and doors are completely closed.

It is a humidifier fan that allows you to sit outdoors in the hot season, which is also called a misting fan. You can use the misting fan in places such as the open space outside your workplace or the yard of your villa and enjoy the coolness it gives you. The best cooling devices you can use outdoors are misting fans. This type of device is one of the latest technologies used in Iran. You must have seen it in restaurants or cafes. Before this, we used devices such as water or gas coolers and ordinary fans, which did not have any benefit in the open space, and most of their use was in the closed space. But after making this type of misting fan, we can even have a good coolness in the open air. This fan has a water tank that mists it and turns the hot air into a cool moist air.

Although the price of misting fans is more than air conditioners, but you can use it for several years by paying once. And as you know, water and gas coolers consume a lot of electricity and water, which obviously has a direct impact on your monthly expenses. But on the opposite side of these products, there is a misting fan that provides you with a cool and pleasant environment with the least consumption of electricity and water. Therefore, these fans can be introduced as the best cooling device for outdoor space.

How do fans work?

Misting systems come in a variety of configurations, but portable fans offer the most adaptability. These devices combine a powerful blower fan with a high-pressure water pump. Water is blown through misting nozzles or a centrifugal misting system and creates a mist of water droplets that are hard to see. This mist is so fine that your skin and clothes will not get wet. Instead, you will simply experience a fresh coolness. You need a water source for your misting fan. NewAir fans have a connector for your garden hose, while Flamingo misting fan models have an internal water tank that you fill ahead of time. These closed water tanks allow your fan to be used indoors without the risk of leaks. When you use this type of misting fan indoors, you don’t activate the water function – it becomes a regular electric fan like any other fan.

Uses of misting fan

We said that in gaming spaces such as restaurants and cafes, they use this device to cool their environment. But it is not always specific to this environment and places, with the unique ability of these devices, you can install it anywhere and enjoy the coolness it gives to that environment. It is used in places such as poultry farms, livestock farms, greenhouses, outdoor garden spaces, terraces or gazebos, factories, industrial and workshop environments, etc.

How does a humidifier fan work?

The function of this type of misting fan is like the function of cooling in the human body. When we sweat and get hot, a breeze or a drop of water on our face cools us down. Misting fans are also connected to a water tank or a nearby water inlet, and when you turn on the device, this water is drawn to the back of the fans by piping and there by the nozzles used in the misting fan. They appear like mist or small water droplets. With its movement, the fan moves this fog or water droplets in the environment and in this way our outdoor space is cooled.

The performance of each type of these misting fans depends on the power of the fan, whether the misting or throwing of these water drops is more or less. So, when buying this device, you must consider the environment you want to use it in, whether you should buy a large device or a small one.

In the normal state, this fan can circulate the created fog in a wide area and wherever the dust of this fog reaches, its cooling effect can be felt. Although a humidifier fan requires water, the mist created contains very little moisture and evaporates as soon as it hits any surface.

When the created dust is placed on the body without feeling wet, it brings a cool feeling, but if you want not to feel its wetness, you have to stand a few meters away from it.

Benefits of a foot mist fan or humidifier

Easy to carry and move

One of the biggest advantages of this device is that it is easy to transport, apart from the models that are installed on the wall, by using the wheels that are used under this device, it can be moved anywhere. that you want to cool there used.

Adaptable to any place

Foggers are the most practical compared to all types of ventilation devices and are suitable for all types of small indoor spaces and open spaces, including reception halls, courtyards, greenhouses, pools, villas, pavilions, warehouses, patios, workshops and sheds, backyards, etc. . they are proper.

Silent operation

Another advantage of this misting fan, which has made this cooling device one of the most popular, is the quietness of this fan. As a result, you can use this fan while sleeping.

Providing humidity to the environment

As we said before, the misting fan does not cause wetness by spraying the water drops it has, but it makes the surface moist. With the help of this device, you will have fresh and fresh plants because the cool and moist air of these coolers will also provide the moisture needed by the plants. That’s why fogging fans are the best option for cotton and yarn factories, greenhouses, chicken farms, mushroom growing halls and in general all industries related to agriculture and livestock.

In what spaces is the misting fan mostly used?

As you have read in the description above, fogging fans are usually used in an open environment. For example, home misting fans in a small balcony space of 4 to 12 meters and wall-mounted misting fans up to a larger size and industrial and greenhouse misting fans in the summer season in a larger space such as: roof garden, pool side, garden And a large yard or a greenhouse is used.

What kind of misting fan should we buy?

Choose your fogging fan according to the size of the desired space.

Usually, household spray fans are suitable for small home or apartment balconies to humidify and cool the balcony space, and compared to wall and industrial misting fans, they are used for larger spaces.

The difference between the sizes of fogging fans?

Wall-mounted and standing industrial misting fans usually have 2 sizes, 26 inches and 30 inches.

which is proportional to the power of the motor, which ranges from 180 watts, 220 volts to 320 watts, 220 volts, which are priced according to size and power.

What kind of water should we use for fogging tanks?

In order for the water to not settle in the water pump, as well as the pipes and the tank of the misting fans, it is better to use the settling water.

Otherwise, after 1 to 2 years of continuous use of city water in Iran, the pipes will become clogged and the sprinkler performance will decrease.

How is the sediment of fogging fans removed?

It’s hard, but one of the ways to open all the fogging holes is to use white vinegar with plain water, and the tank should be filled and emptied.

And after that, she only used water.

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