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What is a ceiling fan?

ceiling fan

With the start of the hot season, all people are looking for cooling devices for their living or working places, such as water coolers, gas air conditioners, ceiling fans, etc. Fans are one of the good cooling devices, unlike water coolers and gas coolers which causes colds and muscle cramps, causes air movement and cools the place. In summer days, it is not allowed to turn it on to consumers because of high consumption of gas or water coolers. But the ceiling fan saves energy resources and consumers can make the most of it. Fans are produced in different models such as table fan, standing fan, wall fan and ceiling fan. A ceiling fan is a fan that is installed on the ceiling of a room or other space on a ceiling hook. Ceiling fans usually have built-in blades from 3 to 7 rotors and are produced in different sizes from 20 inches to 140 inches.

Ceiling fans have special features compared to other fans and have more fans. The first fans appeared in the United States in the early 1860s and 1870s. At that time, they did not use any kind of electric motor. Instead, a running water stream was used along with the turbine to create a belt system that could rotate the blades of the two-bladed fan unit. These systems can replace a number of fan units and have become popular in stores, restaurants and offices. Some of these systems still survive today and can be seen in parts of the United States where they were originally useful.

The importance of having a fan in the house becomes stronger when you know that this device works like ventilation and by moving the air, it softens the atmosphere of the room for you. The more volume of air is moved, the more refreshing feeling is created. . Fans are very useful in areas with moderate or cool weather where there is no need to use a cooler, and they can create a pleasant coolness by consuming a little electricity.

What is a ceiling fan?

A ceiling fan is a mechanical fan that hangs on the ceiling of the room and has electric power that causes the fan blades to rotate in a circular manner and cool the ambient air. Ceiling fans are used in areas where it is not possible to use a water cooler. , are used more. Ceiling fans are one of the basic electric cooling devices that provide a very cool environment for the residents of the house due to being located at a height. A ceiling fan is a single-phase capacitor motor made from a coil or armature placed between the poles of a magnet. At both ends of the armature, there are two metal rings and on each of them there is a carbon blade through which the current of electricity reaches the coil. When you turn on the ceiling fan, the electric current passes through this coil, a metal shaft is connected to the coil, and the other end of the shaft is connected to the four fan blades. And when the engine rotates, they move the fan blades. The ceiling fan does not change the temperature directly and cools it, but by sending the air flow slowly, they move the air and cool people by doing evaporative cooling in an environment that has static hot air. The complete components of the ceiling fan are: vibration damper, pin, vibration clamp, upper cap, pipe, lower cap, pipe clamp, capacitor, washer, retaining screw, fan motor, vane attachment point, terminal, cardboard washer, vane base, fan fin.

ceiling fan

Why should we buy a fan?

The cold and dry wind of the split cooler will make your skin and hair dry and rough because the moisture of your skin is lost when exposed to cold and dry air and your hair becomes brittle. If you feel tired and have a headache while turning on the air conditioner, you need to turn off the air conditioner, but if the weather is extremely hot, you can turn on the fan. The presence of dust, fungi and bacteria on the filters or water cooler filters will make your breathing difficult. Because it should be cooler, these particles and bacteria are suspended in the air and cause breathing problems. When you are exposed to air conditioner for a long time, joint and bone pains will start in you. Especially if you suffer from diseases such as rheumatism or have undergone surgery, the air cooler will make the pain more and the disease more chronic. For this reason, you should not be constantly exposed to the wind of the water cooler and you can use a fan to circulate the air and create a balanced and favorable air in your environment.

Types of ceiling fans

Ceiling fans have different models based on their appearance and operation. Each of these models has a similar function. The only difference between these fans is the appearance and the technology used in it.

Simple ceiling fan: Conventional fans that have been used since the past, having several blades and a single-phase capacitor motor, are installed on the ceiling. It is possible to adjust the speed and direction of rotation of this model of fans with the help of a screw that is installed on the wall.

Chandelier ceiling fan: These days, chandelier ceiling fans have become extremely popular and you can buy it to prove that you have both your own chandelier and fan. The design of this type of fan is such that very beautiful chandelier lamps are placed at the bottom of the fan and create enough light.

Ceiling fan with remote control: This type of fan has the same shape and appearance as normal fans, but their only feature is that they have a special remote control. Buying this type of ceiling fan is a more suitable choice because with advanced technology, you can adjust the fan wind and the speed of rotation of the blades.

Two-mode ceiling fan suitable for heat and cold: Today, with the advancement of technology, the introduction of dual-purpose ceiling fans for heat and cold has greatly helped people’s economy, especially in the southern regions. These fans are designed in such a way that they expand a large amount of air in open and wide spaces, in fact they are responsible for moving the air. The system of these fans is such that they spread the wind flow evenly in the room.

ceiling fan

Ceiling fan buying guide

Your work environment or your place of residence will be cooled with a light and portable fan. The different types and models are explained in the guide for buying home fans. These types of fans are made with 70 to 100 watts, with different brands, and you can choose the most suitable ones.

If your work environment is industrial and workshop, then you should use industrial fans that are made with high durability and strength. Industrial fans are usually easy to install and with a power consumption of 250 to 260 watts, they provide ventilation and cooling for up to 300 square meters.

Some ceiling fans are designed in such a way that they can be used for both small and large places, that is, they have both large and small sizes that you can choose according to your room.

Go for a ceiling fan that has a warranty and after-sales service, because the best fans definitely have a valid warranty.

Choosing the size is also very important, you should pay attention to two things, the first is the connection parts and fan blades, ceiling fans usually have 3 to 5 blades. Since the main purpose of a ceiling fan is to circulate air and regulate the temperature in a room, it is important that the size of your fan matches the size of your room.

It is better to go for a fan that is produced from high quality raw materials. Due to the presence of ceiling fan blades, washing this model of fans is a little different and may be problematic, for example, if the fan is mesh, it is better if its mesh can be separated for cleaner washing. Be. Ceiling fans have different prices according to their capabilities and features, and it is not possible to state the exact price of each one.

The next thing that is very important is the sound of the engine and the blades of these fans. Especially at night and when you are sleeping when the ceiling fan is not far from you. Nowadays, the motor and fan blades are designed and produced in such a way that the consumers do not get tired of their cool air due to the unpleasant noise it has. In addition to the good air produced by these fans, there should also be silence.

ceiling fan

Ceiling fan care

In a long period of time, dust settles on the moving parts of the fan and they must be cleaned regularly, otherwise it will be damaged. Be sure to turn off the power before washing. The easiest and most convenient way to clean is a cleaning spray and a lint-free cloth. Be sure to check the screws regularly during the use of the fan, because over time these screws loosen and cause shaking or noise.

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